PhenQ Ingredients

What is PhenQ

PhenQ is a weight loss diet pill that helps the body to burn fat fast so you can achieve your ideal body in the shortest time possible. PhenQ is made of all natural ingredients and a patented formula that makes the product achieve the best results to make it one of the best weight loss or diet pills in the market. Here are the ingredients in PhenQ.

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a-Lacy’s Reset – this is a formula that has been patented and unique to PhenQ. It was developed through a lot of research. This ingredient is safe and helps to raise the metabolism of the body by initiating the process of thermogenesis. With your metabolism in overdrive you can be sure to burn more fat throughout the day whether you are working out or just resting.

Capsimax powder – this is a powder made by mixing capsicum, piperine, caffeine and niacin. Capsicum and piperine are excellent products at raising the metabolism of the body. Piperine further, is also believed to be able to stop formation of new fat cells meaning you burn more and store less.

Chromium Picolinate – this ingredient helps to control sugars in the body. It reduces the cravings for sugar and also regulates the sugar levels in the blood. When you do not crave sugar and carbs you will be able to lose weight faster.

Caffeine – it is a well known stimulant. It helps you body to become more alert, increases focus and reduces fatigue. It is also known to raise the metabolism of the body though thermogenesis. With increased performance you will be able to get more from your workout if you are working out. Caffeine also is known to keep you feeling full so you eat less.

Nopal – this ingredient is from a cactus plant. It is high in fiber which reduces hunger meaning you do not put excess calories in the body. It is known to also reduce water retention by the tissues, which helps you to get rid of water weight.

L-Carnitine – this is an amino acid which helps the body to burn stored fat. This provides you with the energy you need to get through the day and reduces fatigue associated with dieting.

Calcium Carbonate – calcium has been shown to help the body maintain a healthy weight. Healthy bones signal to the body that you are healthy and need not store a lot of fat. In one study to show these, some obese adults supplemented their diets with calcium and after six months they were found to have lost more weight and body fat compared to those that did not.

As you can see all the ingredients in PhenQ are natural and high quality ingredients. You do not have to worry about putting any chemicals in your body. With such high quality ingredients the results are expected to start showing in the first month. All the ingredients here are also backed by science and research carried out on human beings and showed to have positive effects.